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Let's Do a Quick Experiment

 Close your eyes. Now, name everything you own in your home.

How did you do? You probably remembered the big things – your  kitchen appliances, your dining room table, your sofa, maybe even your stereo system....but what you may now be realizing  is just how much "stuff" you left out.

 This is the problem  of relying only on your memory to recount all of the items you have in your home; and if you can't remember now, how will you remember after a disaster strikes?


That is the typical number of items that most homeowners have inside their homes. 

 If you can't recall all 300,000 items, today is the day to schedule your home inventory.

Let Us

Work with you to create your home inventory; we can also work with you to help your organize, scan and back up your priceless photos and memorabilia. 

Owner Judy Foy has worked with many homeowners after a disaster to help them recreate an inventory for insurance purposes.

The one thing that all of the homeowners have shared is that they wish they created their inventory prior to the disaster; they state it would have made life so much easier.

In addition to creating your home inventory, or scanning and backing up your photos,  if an appraisal is needed for insurance purposes, Judy can prepare a thorough and comprehensive appraisal for you. 

Judy is a member of the National Association of Home Inventory Professionals; additionally she is also a certified personal property appraiser and is a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America.  Judy is also  a member of The Association of Personal Photo Organizers. 

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