Inventory Process

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We will set up an appointment for your inventory and discuss some pre-visit questions to better determine your needs.

We do prefer that a homeowner be present during the inventory; for your convenience we do offer evening and weekend appointments. 

Onsite Inventory


We begin the process by going from room to room and photographing and documenting the details of your belongings.  If we are inventorying jewelry or other higher priced items, we do require that you be present during that portion of the documentation.

Once the interior inventory is completed we will photograph the exterior of your home. 



Following your onsite inventory, we will take our data back to the office and upload the photos into our inventory software.  We will then create your comprehensive inventory that will contain your printed reports and thumb drive that will also contain all the inventory information.

Once the reports are completed, we will schedule a time with you to deliver the completed inventory to your home.

Turn around time on an inventory  is typically 7-10 days to receive  your completed package.

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