Why You Need to Scan, Organize & Back-up Your Photos

“Our photographs are our best proof to others that we lived the things we lived in the past!" Ildan

A natural disaster, be it fire, flood, tornado, etc., can be devastating when it destroys all of your personal property. As much as you love the sofa or that rug that took months of searching to find just the "right" one,  you know that eventually you will be able to replace it.


BUT...what about the last photo taken of your mom? The one with the two of you together at your last family vacation. Or, what about the photo of favorite Aunt Suzy that has been passed down through the generations..then of course there is  that box with all of your grandmother's recipes that she hand wrote  that you were planning on passing down to your daughter.

When a disaster occurs, we know we can replace a lot of our "stuff", but we can't replace the box of cherished recipes, or the photo of Aunt Suzy, or any other photo or memorabilia that contains a portion of your personal family legacy.

Judy has worked with countless families who have lost everything and it is the loss of family photos that brings the most pain and anguish to people.  Seeing homeowners rummage through the rubble of their lives desperately searching for any remnants of family photos or memorabilia is heart wrenching.

By  scanning and backing up your photos, you can be prepared for most disasters, including ones that we often don't think about such as computer crashes, lost or stolen phones, and many more. 


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